Websites Designed by Paul Chadwick

A well-designed, comprehensive website provides ready reference and a convenient means of transmitting company, product and technical information to both existing and potential customers.

I have designed websites for several corporate clients as well as my own.

My web designs are executed in HTML, DHTML JavaScript, PhotoShop (for complex raster graphics), Adobe Flash (for vector graphics, video, animation and sound), and PHP or PERL for server-side scripting. I apply these tools individually or in combination as necessary to achieve specific communication objectives. The website samples linked below represent a wide range of sophistication and expense. Having one designer produce print publications and website layouts greatly streamlines the web design process by virtue of familiarity and the ability to adapt existing graphics.

All websites are tested with current Safari, Firefox, Netscape, and Opera browsers on Macintosh OS 10.5.5 and Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows XP to assure proper display and compatibility with all commonly used browser/platform combinations. NOTE: Some inactive websites provided as examples of my work below may exhibit partial functionality due to obsolete scripts and/or links. Those identified as current should be fully functional.

Click an image to view the corresponding website:

2012 | party/event rentals

1997 - 2012 | microplate films

1998 - 2000 | inactive (revised -->)

2000 - 2002 | inactive (merger)
2011 | court reporting

2003 - 2009 | DNA synthesis

2000 - 2001 | inactive (revised -->)

2002 - 2007 | inactive (merger)
2009 | commentary

2007 | inactive (nonpayment)

2001 - 2002 | inactive (merger)

1999 - 2001 | inactive (merger)

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